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Peanut Butter & Co. products ARE NOT part of the current recall.

Many of our customers have contacted us regarding the current salmonella-related peanut butter recall. The recall is limited to products made by Peanut Corporation of America as well as products sold under the King Nut Brand. We do not supply or are supplied by either of these companies. Peanut Butter & Co. products ARE NOT […]

Chocolate Show Thoughts

My two colleagues, Scott and Jenn, have given you some insights on our recent participation at the NY Chocolate Show. It was indeed a grueling event for the Peanut Butter & Co. staff, particularly for Lee, Scott and myself, as we were there for most of those three days, as well as opening night. But […]

Peanut Butter Paradise

A few months back, we spent a lovely Sunday with a fantastic crew from The Travel Channel show “Food Paradise.”  They selected Peanut Butter & Co. to be featured in an upcoming episode of the show called Sandwich Paradise.  Well, on Wednesday, November 19, 2008, Sandwich Paradise made its premiere, and we are just thrilled! […]

Peanut Butter & Co. at the Chocolate Show

It’s Friday, November 7, 2008.  You might be wondering, where is the Peanut Butter & Co. staff?  Well, I’ll tell you… We’re at The Chocolate Show! “The Chocolate what?????” you ask.  “The Chocolate SHOW,” we answer enthusiastically! That’s right. It’s the 11th Annual Chocolate Show, which began last night here in New York City.  I […]