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Tales from Customer Service

Last year (wow, that sounds so long ago!), we heard from a college student, Emily Miethner, who wrote us to say she loved her experience visiting our sandwich shop in NY City. A Hofstra University student and self-proclaimed peanut butter nut, Emily included a recipe of her creation “Midnight Crunch” in her email. The recipe […]

Chocolate Show Thoughts

My two colleagues, Scott and Jenn, have given you some insights on our recent participation at the NY Chocolate Show. It was indeed a grueling event for the Peanut Butter & Co. staff, particularly for Lee, Scott and myself, as we were there for most of those three days, as well as opening night. But […]

Tales From Customer Service

In my first posting, I mentioned a customer’s delight in discovering another way she could use The Heat is On for lunch at her workplace. Now I’d like to share some very nice thoughts sent our way by a couple of our customers. These are the words that validate the hard work that everyone in […]

Customer Suggestions, First Edition!

It is exciting to be part of this blog! In this and coming postings, I’ll mostly be talking about our customers and customer-related events.  Not a day passes that we don’t hear from at least a couple of our customers. Luckily, most of what we hear is positive – really nice comments about our products […]