Remembering John Updike

lee-zalben-blog-iconJohn Updike passed away today. He was a prolific author, famous for his fiction, essays, and poetry. He was also a peanut butter lover. The following quotation is from an interview he gave to Clyde Haberman, published by The New York Times in March of 1996:

“I was a great peanut-butter lover from childhood on,” he recalled. “The way I used to read was, we had an old sofa in the house, and I’d make a sandwich consisting of peanut butter and raisins. You’d eat one of those while you read John Dickson Carr or some other mystery writer, or James Thurber or Robert Benchley. In that way, many a happy afternoon went by.”

In honor of Mr. Updike, this weekend I plan on picking up a copy of one of his earliest and most famous novels, Rabbit, Run, making myself a peanut butter and raisin sandwich, and curling up on my old sofa and enjoying the two.


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    the loss of John Updike makes me wonder if the literary world is being replenished at the same rate that it’s losing such great writers

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