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scott-stephan-blog-iconIf there is one thing that always surprises me, it’s just how many people are talking about our product on the web. I have to admit that when I suggested we start a blog I was kind of nervous. I wasn’t sure if people would read it! I’m pleased to say that my fears were totally unfounded. Not only are people reading, they’re commenting! I figured I was going to have to really bother you guys to get the comments started, but you did it on your own. Here are some of my favorites from the last week- a recipe and a memory:

Steve Rempe writes:

Hello Peanut Butter & Co. My name is Steve Rempe and I saw your restaurant on the Travel Channel on Saturday Nov. 22. It was a great show on sandwiches and I love that you are making a success with peanut butter. I would like to share a sandwich recipe with you that has been in my family for fifty plus years. My friends say I’m crazy to eat it but I love it. It’s creamy peanut butter, Miracle Whip or mayo, and fresh sliced homegrown tomatoes. It is the best summertime sandwich! Try it and please respond.

Would you believe that’s not the first time we’ve received that suggestion? Has anyone else tried it? I can’t stand Mayo, so I’ll leave this taste-test to a reader. Right after that Beverly chimed in:

Our very favorite sandwich in the whole world is exactly like Steve Rempe, of St. Louis, described except we have always added crispy bacon to the ingredients. Oh, the memory of my cousins and I- on warm, hot Illinois summer days, picking the tomatoes fresh from my Grandparents garden, and watching my Nonna putting together that fabulous treat!! I make them for my own family now, and my grandchildren look forward to them, just as we did. Saw the show on the Travel Channel, and had to have a p/b sandwich right then and there. God Bless, and thanks for a wonderful product. Beverly – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Beverly, that sound wonderful. Bacon could turn any sandwich into the meal of a lifetime. There was one occasion in my life when I ate mayo. My wife and I were out to dinner and my BLT came with mayo on it- I dove in without hesitation. Now, my dislike of mayo is legendary, but my love for bacon is infinite! My standing order at our New York sandwich shop is the Peanut Butter BLT with Grape Jelly. Nothing else comes close.

If you missed the airing of Sandwich Paradises on the Travel Channel, you’re in luck! We should have the clip up next week sometime. Finally, some nice words from a customer named Lee:

Hey, PB & CO!

I just received your holiday E-blast letter and enjoyed every word!! I love your site-online, NY and everything else! I have tried all of your peanut butter flavors except Dark Chocolate dreams-its my #1 choice on the Christmas list this year! I am a HUGE Peanut butter fan. Some say it is ironic how much I love PB, as I am in recovery from an eating disorder. I rave much about your products on my own blog, so feel free to check it out. I’d love to do a guest post or recipe some times! I add your PB to my oatmeal every single morning. I also have a tee shirt that I wear around my college campus! :-)

I think PB & Co. is such a great idea. It is so simple yet so creative. I tried the Heat is ON sandwich at the shop in NYC this past summer and fell in love.

Thanks for being Awesome and inspiring-you and your products have helped me follow my dreams!! (PB!)

Lee of For the Love of Peanut Butter

Seeing a comment like that really makes our day. We work twice as hard to create a product that’s all natural, that’s free from chemicals and preservatives and things you can’t pronounce, so we really appreciate it when people take notice. Thanks, Lee!

And, well. I have a special bonus today. When we were at the Chocolate Show I did my first on camera interview with Monica from Fun Food with Monica. Lee wasn’t around so I decided to try and fill in. No rehearsal, no preparation! I think I came off as annoyed, but I promise I wasn’t- Just nervous! Lee makes it look so easy. Anyway, the clip! Don’t make fun of me too badly!



  1. Posted December 8, 2008 at 7:16 am | Permalink

    I feel the same way, I never thought people would read the musings of peanut butter fiends like myself. As it turns out we are not unique, there are an incredible number of peanut butter fanatics out there. Where’s the following for the good ol’ peanut? Who would have thought that by simply grinding it into a paste would develop such a following?

    And I don’t think you can beat your Cinnamon Raisin flavor, I’d be willing to eat cardboard if it was dipped in it.

    – The Peanut Butter Boy (Lucky I got this name before Lee did)

  2. joshua
    Posted January 7, 2009 at 10:16 pm | Permalink

    hi im josh im 14 i saw your company on a show on the travel chanel and have a new sandwich for your menu its my favorite its a butter & saurkraut sandwich on white bread with peanut butter on both sides with saurkraut in the middle make shure that you use plain saurkraut and creamy peanut butter write back if you like it

  3. jennie wilson
    Posted February 5, 2009 at 9:34 pm | Permalink

    what is your bananarama dessert?

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