Chocolate Show Thoughts

ging-blog-icon-1My two colleagues, Scott and Jenn, have given you some insights on our recent participation at the NY Chocolate Show. It was indeed a grueling event for the Peanut Butter & Co. staff, particularly for Lee, Scott and myself, as we were there for most of those three days, as well as opening night. But we can’t complain about two things: the tons of people who visited our booth and (this is more on the non-work side, although one can classify it as research), the variety of chocolates we were able to sample!

To my first point, a lot of attendees came to our booth to sample our peanut butter flavors and the Ultimate Peanut Butter Cup Collection (see description in Jenn’s latest post). Not only did people come to sample, many also came and returned to buy our products!

Here are my highlights:

  • We sold a lot of Dark Chocolate Dreams (after all, this is the Chocolate Show)
  • People went crazy over our new products – Mighty Maple (peanut butter with maple syrup), and The Bee’s Knees (peanut butter with honey). And yes, we sold out on these two products!
  • As in the past years, there were a lot of people who sampled and bought The Heat is On. Always the dark horse.
  • We sold out on the Ultimate Peanut Butter Cup Collection and the Peanut Butter Pretzels and we sold many many Big Sixes (6 flavors in a delightful blue and white gift box).
  • We had return customers – the same people who bought from us in the past years came back for more! That was really nice.
  • Conversely, we met a lot of wonderful people who’ve never tried our products before but were very complimentary about them after tasting samples; we hope we’ve made permanent customers out of them.

The Peanut Butter & Co. team came to help in full force….our VP of Sales, Pete Truby, traveled all the way from Maryland to help staff the booth that Saturday. Ashleigh Hepp from our sales team volunteered for the whole three days. Our PR Director and relatively new mom, Jenn, left little Samantha home to help out as well. It was a great display of team effort, something we sorely needed so we could put on a good show!


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