Now that cooler weather is setting in, I’ve been experimenting with some soup recipes. One of my favorite new recipes uses The Heat Is On, which is Peanut Butter & Co.’s spicy variety which packs a whole lot of heat. This soup will really warm your insides on a damp or chilly day.

I started with a can of plain tomato soup. Years ago all of the soups at the grocery store were condensed soups in a can. That means that when you prepare it, you have to add a can of water. You can also add milk or cream to make it richer.

For this recipe, I emptied two cans of Campbell’s Condensed Tomato Soup in a large pot (I think it’s a 1 gallon pot – I always use a pot that’s slightly larger than necessary so when I stir I don’t make a mess). In order to make it really rich and tomatoey, I only added one can of water instead of two.

As the soup started to heat up (but before it boiled – I think chefs call that a simmer) I added two heaping tablespoon of The Heat Is On. I slowly stirred the peanut butter into the soup – the aroma was fantastic. As I thought it would, the peanut butter added a little thickness to the soup, and when I tasted it, the flavor was perfect – rich, sweet, tangy, and just the right amount of spiciness.

Nowadays you can also get soup in a can (and even a carton) that is ready to heat and serve. If you choose this type of soup then I would add 1 heaping teaspoon of The Heat Is On per serving. Another great variation on this recipe is to add a can of chopped tomatoes to the soup, just before you add the peanut butter.

I like to serve this soup in a big white bowl, which makes the deep red color of the soup really pop. It’s very pretty with some chopped basil on top and even a dollop (my, that’s a funny word) of cream if you want to get fancy. For those of us watching our figures, light sour cream works great too. I’ve even topped this soup with some shredded cheddar cheese, which my next door neighbor Phyllis said was “PB-cheesey-tomato-licious.”

Now with soup I always think you need some kind of bread for dipping and dunking. I like whole wheat pita bread, because it tastes great and makes me feel like I’m eating something healthy. Of course you can use fresh sourdough bread or crackers, depending on whether you want something chewy or crunchy.

Remember that presentation is very important. Take an extra moment to make it look nice and your family will enjoy it even more.

So there you have it – a tasty soup recipe that is easy to prepare but looks and tastes like you spent a lot of time in the kitchen. It will surely impress your family or your lunch or dinner guests, and will warm everyone up inside.

Until next time, remember, a little bit of peanut butter makes everything better!
The Peanut Butter Guy’s Mom


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