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ging-blog-icon-1In my first posting, I mentioned a customer’s delight in discovering another way she could use The Heat is On for lunch at her workplace.

Now I’d like to share some very nice thoughts sent our way by a couple of our customers. These are the words that validate the hard work that everyone in this company puts in to come up with products that many people enjoy.

Ian from the U.K. wrote us to say that “it’s very rare for a company that makes something that truly stands out. Too few companies feel the need that the only way for something to taste good is to add sugar.” Ian was referring to his purchase of our Smooth Operator, made only with peanuts and salt, at his local Tesco supermarket. Thanks very much, Ian for that wonderful, astute observation.

And there’s Crystal from California, who sent us a lovely letter complete with a sketch of a young lady amidst jars of PB & Co. peanut butter. I’ve included her sketch below. Crystal says of our Dark Chocolate Dreams: “What a delicious treat with an ingredient list that a child can read! Kudos for creating a product with integrity – and great flavor.

It warms our hearts to read these words and we certainly don’t take them lightly. They only inspire us to work harder and make our products more accessible to people because we know we have something really good to offer.

My next post will be about our participation at the NY Chocolate Show which is happening this weekend starting tomorrow, November 7, at Pier 84. It will be  grueling but — this I know for sure  — a fun and amazing working weekend for us here at Peanut Butter!

drawing-largeClick for the big version. Thanks Crystal!


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