Web Link Round-up!

We get a lot off “odds and ends” press- Small mentions on blogs, reviews from magazines and web publications and other things- that we don’t always get notified about. This is why I have an absolute obsession with our web statistics. Poke around for a few minutes and, sure enough, you’ll see that some site you’d never heard of is passing along 100 visitors! It’s nice to feel noticed and hopefully we’ll be able to use this space to link back. In that spirit!:

Our largest referral this month comes from the blog of the Whatever Martha! Radio show.  Alexis was making some cookies and kindly linked to our cookbook. Thanks, Alexis!

Following that was Kristina’s CPB Gallery, a blog dedicated exclusively to the marriage of peanut butter and chocolate. She’s always sending folks along- Go give it a read!

The forums over at Runner’s World have been talking us up. And they seem to like us! We still get a number of visitors from this topic even though it’s over two months old.
Finally, we won “Best Spicy” in Men’s Health peanut butter round-up! Good idea on the chicken satay, although I like the shrimp recipe from the cookbook.

So, keep ’em coming. If you’ve got a blog and you’re talking about us, drop a line in the comments and we’ll be sure to link back to you. If you see someone else talking us up, let us know about that, too. Enjoy the Halloween weekend!


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